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APS Testimonials (6)

Anderson Paralegal Services ("APS") would like to continue to share a few
Testimonials" received from wonderful & satisfied individuals. APS
thanks every person that APS had the pleasure to assist and
was able to have been of service to.  

"That is great news, Marcus, and again, I am very grateful to you for
the meticulous attention you have give to each and every detail.  
Your outstanding work speaks for itself.  Thank you for everything
and I will certainly contact you again if I am in need of services."

J. Canfield
New York, NY

"Hi Marcus!

I received my postcard in the mail regarding my divorce on
July 5,
. It say's I may now go obtain a certified copy of the judgement.
There are no words to express how thankful I am to you for making
this process so easy.  You are truly my hero."

C. Cyprys
Queens, NY

"Hi Marcus

I wanted to say thank you again & give you an update. My divorce
was processed faster than we thought. The judge signed it off
November 22, 2016. I picked up my copy over my Christmas
break. It only took 3 mths pretty quick.
Thank you for your great service."

S. Camacho
Queens, NY

"Happy New Year 2017 mr. Marcus. I'm really sorry for not
emailing you about the postcard which I have received from the
court.   I can not thanking  you enough about your 100%
unconditional positive support and follow up my case as well. Here
is my 100% positive review on your website which you definitely

D. Mekebeb
New York, NY

"Hi Marcus,

Happy New Year 2017!

I just wanted to let you know that I have received the "Post Card"
from Supreme Court and the case is SIGNED
It was incredibly fast.

Thank you for all your help. I am going on Friday to pick up the
certificate of divorce."

I. Bolganbayeva
New York, NY

"Good afternoon, although this testimonial is late because my
divorce was completed in 2016 and it is
now 2017, I would like to
extend my gratitude to Marcus who provided such professional
service when i was applying for my divorce. He was very prompt and
explained everything simple and clear. The process was faster and
easier  than i expected.  Thank you so much!"

S. Quevedo
New York, NY

"Hello Marcus ,

I was able to get copy of divorce degree. If I need anything in future
I will contact you . I am very thankful to you that you made this
divorce process so easy for me. God bless you !! Thanks!"

D. Dave
New York, NY

"Marcus has been tremendously efficient and helpful in facilitating
the divorce proceedings while I've been out of the country. He made
it extremely easy! He provided clear instructions for every step,
responded promptly and handled everything over email without any
hassle. I couldn't be happier. A divorce isn't a pleasant thing to get
through but Marcus took the headache out of the process and gave
us one less thing to worry about. I'd highly recommend him - you
wont be disappointed."

M. Shafiq
Queens, NY

Good afternoon Marcus,

Thank you so much for making this process easy, fast and
stress-free. Honestly, the best service ever. Thank you again.

D. Mayorga
New York, NY

Morning Marcus,

I contacted the clerks office and is ready for pick up. I can't say
enough how grateful I am for your work in this. Excellent support.
Thank you again.

I'll definitely refer others to you for support.

P. Blanc
Brooklyn, NY
Anderson Paralegal Services, Inc.
"Helping Individuals to  
      Help Themselves"

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