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APS Testimonials (5)

Anderson Paralegal Services ("APS") would like to continue to share a few
Testimonials" received from wonderful & satisfied individuals. APS
thanks every person that APS had the pleasure to assist and
was able to have been of service to.  

NOTE:  To see the "most recent" testimonial(s), please go to the last page.

"Hey Marcus,

My divorce is done, thanks for excellent service that Anderson
Paralegal Services provided relating to my divorce;even though my
divorce was international and sort of complicated in relation to
process serving and notary on international level. But hey you
informed me of all the risks and educated me with what to expect.
Thanks for the excellent service and being fully detail oriented."

U. Ali
Brooklyn, NY

"Hi Marcus,

Just wanted to give you an update on where I stand.  As of
1st 2014
I am officially divorced.  Approximately 8 weeks after I
submitted the paperwork. It was a pleasure working with you and
Anderson Paralegal Services. Should I (foolishly) decide to get
married again, and things don’t work out, I will be sure to reach out
to you, ; - )

Many Many THANKS!"

S. Myers
Mount Vernon, NY

"Hello Marcus,

Just a thanks for the professional service, guidance and patience. I
am divorced, I will go to court tomorrow and get the certified copy. I
will always recommend you if I hear of anyone in need. Thanks

J. Tohill
East Islip, NY

"Everything went well when I submitted the documents to the court
and i can't thank you enough marcus for helping fix up my
paperwork. You are my angel thank you."

L. Rodriguez
New York, NY

"As this chapter in my life comes to a close, I want to thank Mr.
Marcus and his team for making this process very easy. Thank you.
I have already recommended your services to a friend and will
continue to do so. Best wishes with your business"

L. Soto
Bronx, NY

"Dear Marcus,

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I successfully
filed all the forms at the Nassau Co. Clerk's office on
3/11/15 and I
walked the file right over to matrimonial court myself.  Still, they
informed me that it would likely be 6 months before I hear of the
judgement.  But I feel good knowing that I've done all of what I
needed to do, and I want to thank you for making it easy and
straightforward of a process for me. I want to tell you that what you
do for people is helpful and kind and I very much appreciated being
able to do this myself with your assistance.  Thank you!

APS helped me take control of an unhealthy situation and regain
my independence. Great working with you and take good care-
God bless,"

T. Baiko
Wantagh, NY

"A pleasant Good morning to you Mr. Anderson, it was great doing
business with you, Thank you for working with me I appreciate all
that was done. I will recommend your service at anything. Thank

L. Curry
Brooklyn, NY

"Hi Marcus,

I just wanted to thank you for everything. I got the postcard and I
will pick up the certified copies next week. You did a great job and
I would recommend you to anybody who wants to get a divorce.
Take care"

C. Orozco
New York, NY

"Hey Marcus,

I just wanted to thank you so much for amazing job that you did.
You made the divorce process very simple to understand and it was
affordable. I received the postcard in the mail saying my judgement
was signed on
July 6th, 2015. I am grateful it didn't take the full 8
months. I just referred you to a relative of mine.

Thank you once again,"

B. Cummings
Bronx, NY

"I just want to say a big thank u for doing my divorce. Thanks a
million, you were their everytime I emailed u with a question I always
get an answer from u within a day. u were  such a great help I went
through this process stressed free and worry free because of u.
Happy new year and all the best for

T. Minott
Brooklyn, NY

"Good morning,
I just want to let you know I went to the court house on Monday
2/22/16 and filed final papers. I cannot thank you for how thorough
and organized you were with the whole process. I couldn't have
done this in my own. The clerk said it would probably be around 2-6
months for divorce to be finalized. Thanks again,"

C. Trembone
Armonk, NY

Hi Marcus,

I finally received the divorce certificate on
March 4th, 2016.
I truly appreciate your hard and patient work with me.
I've been referring you to my friends who wish to divorce soon.

Thank you again, Marcus, I'm glad I asked you to prepare for my
divorce. May you stay happy, healthy and peaceful.

S. Akiyama
New York, NY
Anderson Paralegal Services, Inc.
"Helping Individuals to  
  Help Themselves"

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