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APS Testimonials (3)

Anderson Paralegal Services ("APS") would like to continue to share a few
Testimonials" received from wonderful & satisfied individuals. APS
thanks every person that APS had the pleasure to assist and
was able to have been of service to.

NOTE:  To see the "most recent" testimonial(s), please go to the last page.

"Marcus... Thank you so very much for everything... Kenneth and
I appreciate your kindness and patience in helping with the
preparation of the forms and submitting everything to the court.....
It’s over! The Divorce was granted. It was a pleasure working with
you and we will recommend your services to others. Again, Marcus
thank you."

V. Thornton
Richmond Hill, NY

"Hello Marcus,

I would like to offer my sincere gratitude for all of your knowledge
and support.  We would not have been able to proceed with a
divorce, effortlessly and with such ease.  I commend you on your
promptness and effectiveness within a short period of time.  I highly
recommend you for all the services you provide.  We thank you for

Revy and Lili
Bronx, NY

"Hi Marcus,

Thank you for all your services and help with my divorce, I really
appreciated. Was a pleasure to do business with you. I like to
mentioned that in the most thought time of my life, I confided in you
and you fulfils all my expectations about your discreet service,
professionalism and emotional support. Sympathizing with my
situation as a close friend, bringing solution to my problem. Thank
you very much for all you had done.

If you ever need a reference of your professionalism and success,
please count on me cause I'll be more then glad to highly
recommend Anderson Paralegal Services. Talk to you soon."


"Hi Marcus,

Yes, You did it! Thank you Marcus, you got me my divorce, Yeah,
I'm gonna celebrate tonight with red wine. I'm so HAPPY. Marcus
YOU ARE THE BEST and THE FASTEST. Thank you one million
times. God Bless you."

R. Emboava
Westchester, NY


Thank you so much!!!!  You have made a difficult and stressful
moment in my life, much less so.  I will follow your instructions to see
the status of my divorce, and thank you for making yourself
available via email, phone, etc."

P. J. Chin
New York, NY

"Thank you, Marcus!  You have made a difficult situation so much
easier and less stressful and I appreciate your kindness throughout
my divorce!  It was a pleasure to work with you!"

E. Senese
New York, NY

"Marcus, Thank You so much, for all your help, time and patience
with my divorce. Thank you for answering all my questions,as well
as putting everything together. Need I say more, it was a pleasure
working with you. If I need any more help in the future, I would
definitely reach out to Anderson Paralegal Services, as well as I will
recommend You, Marcus to all my friends."

F. Villavicencio
Brooklyn, NY

"Hi Marcus

I would really like to say a sincere thanks for making this divorce
process so painless. You have been so professional from the
beginning right through to the end explaining each step to me as I
proceeded. Your transparency removed any skepticism I had
initially. I can't think of anything you could have done better so I'll
just say keep up the good work and I wish you great success!"

A. Constantine
Brooklyn, NY


I was very pleased with the diligent and professional way you
handled my divorce. I would recommend you anytime to anyone.
Thanks so much again for your help, couldn't have done it without

O. Richards
Queens, NY


I wanted to sincerely thank you for your services. From the moment
I met you until the divorce was finalized; you guided me. I entrusted
you with my divorce and you rendered that and much more. Thank
you for your professionalism, your honesty, and your ongoing
support. I wish you much success in your endeavors. Your work is

V. Tanis
Queens, NY

"Marcus and Anderson Paralegal Services is experience, wonderful
personality, consistent, a decrease in personal stress and the self
satisfaction knowing that you are in GOOD HANDS.

ANDERSON PARALEGAL SERVICES is an outstanding service that
will be with you from the beginning all the way through the end of
your divorce and if a problem should arise unexpectedly, his team is
there to smooth it out and Mr Anderson puts not only caring and
compassion into his work but keeps you inform and up to date with
the divorce process, and is there for any questions you may have
or don't understand.

especially if you tried the rest now you want the best, then put
someone you can trust on your side and I have no problem
referring his service to anyone who is seeking a divorce without the
overlying red tape and complicated issues that can come from
dealing with someone who is inexperience to handle your divorce.
All I can say is Thank you Thank you Thank you APS for handling
my divorce in the manner that you did."

H. Clark
Bronx, NY


A sincere thank you to you and Anderson Paralegal Services for
helping me through an ugly divorce. I greatly appreciate your
patients and diligence in making me feel comfortable in a very
confusing situation. Once again thank you, and trust the referrals
will surely keep coming."

P. Wise
Yonkers, NY

"Hello Marcus,

I just wanted to let you know how happy we were using your firm
and we really appreciated all your time and help with the paperwork
and questions.

We were so very pleased and thanks to you the divorce filing and
procedure was very painless!

Your customer service was top notch. We will certainly recommend
you to anyone of our friends that would ever need your services.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

With best regards,"


"Hello Marcus,

You're the best!  I have been checking on and off to see the status
of the divorce but haven't been on my computer for over a week
now.  What a nice surprise! It was so nice of you to let us know that
the divorce was finalized. Your instructions were great and so easy
to follow. As I've said before, we are your biggest fans and will
gladly recommend you to everyone!

Again, thank you for everything."

C. Curran
Westchester, NY
Anderson Paralegal Services, Inc.
"Helping Individuals to  
   Help Themselves"

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