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APS Testimonials (2)

Anderson Paralegal Services ("APS") would like to continue to share a few
Testimonials" received from wonderful & satisfied individuals. APS
thanks every person that APS had the pleasure to assist and
was able to have been of service to.  

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"Hey what's the deal Marcus? Just wanted to thank you for
everything once again....everything went wonderful in the court
yesterday. The documents was completed correctly and the
Tenant has to vacate the premises by the end of the month. You
did an excellent job helping me to complete the paperwork and was
more knowledgeable than the lawyer I originally went to for help.

Thanks again, and I have your business cards and if something
comes my way, I'm shooting it your way."

C. Aracena
Queens, NY


Thank you very much for
your wonderful services! I cant even put
it on words. It is very rare to find professionals like you, I feel like I
won the lottery. I appreciate your
prompt answer every time I called
and e-mailed you as well as the urgency you treated my Divorce
with. We need more professionals like you in this country. Thank

M. Mateus
Silver Spring, MD

"Hi Marcus,

Thank you so much for making the divorce process so smooth
and seamless. I wish I would have done it sooner. I will contact
you once I receive the postcard.

Thanks again"


"Hi Marcus - I received the postcard and also retrieved a certified
copy of the divorce judgement. Thank you so much for all your
help!! Anderson Paralegal Services is the best! I will absolutely
refer you to anyone I come across that requires your services.
Happy Holidays!!"

I. Rose
Brooklyn, NY

"Marcus - Thank you so much for making my divorce such an
easy process, as well as an affordable one during these rough
times. I really enjoyed and appreciated the fact that you had travel
to me on my lunch break and I still had time left over to grab a bite
to eat  :-)  You and Anderson Paralegal Services are the best. I
will certainly refer you to every one I know that needs your
services. Much success to you and your business!!"

R. Mack
Brooklyn, NY


It was pretty easy and painless working with you for my divorce.
You did a great job, and now I can move on with my life!!

Thanks again,"

C. Donner
New York, NY


Thank you again for your help in resolving my legal matters. You
made it a painless experience in fact, it was quite amusing. I know
you will not have any problem promoting yourself, but you can be
sure I will recommend you to others that needs assistance with
their divorce.

All the best!"

K. Kach
Bronx, NY

"I expected that filing for a divorce, even an uncontested one,
would be neither easy nor pleasant. Yet, somehow Marcus
managed to make the process simple, efficient, and, yes, even
pleasant.  He is warm, trustworthy and knowledgeable; always
ready to bear the lion's share of the burden of dealing with
documents and the court system.  I don't know how I could have
done this without his expertise and patience."

J. Gabosch,
New York, NY


I was able to see the status of my divorce on-line (Uncont Mat
Judgment Granted) and wanted to thank you for all your help. Your
prompt, professional services have made this process much easier
to go through. I would gladly recommend your services to anyone
needing paralegal assistance.  Thanks again."

K. Szekretar
New York, NY

"Marcus, Thank you so much for your patience, perseverance
and dedication in my tenate/landlord case. I do not know what
I would have done with out your help. You are undoubtedly my
angel in disguise. Just when I was about to break down and
give up, you kept me sane."

D. Darden
Bronx, NY


You are the best! I didn't expect to hear from you until after the

Thank you for your high professionalism throughout this process
with my divorce. I will highly recommend your services.

Best wishes,"


"Thank you Marcus!
The status of my divorce is now - disposed.
I really appreciate your help with this. Great job."

T. Pryce
Mattapan, MA  

"Dear Marcus,

I am very happy with the service you provided to Esther and I. I'm
still in London on a feature film shoot, but will be back end of the
month. We have been very lucky to have gone through our divorce
with your help and guidance. You've been patient and articulate in
explaining the process, and it hasn't broken the bank!

Thanks again for being there for us."

All the best to you and let's definitely keep in touch.

M. Kam
Briarwood, NY
Anderson Paralegal Services, Inc.
"Helping Individuals to  
  Help Themselves"

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