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Anderson Paralegal Services ("APS") would like to share a few
Testimonials" received from wonderful & satisfied individuals. APS
thanks every person that APS had the pleasure to assist and
was able to have been of service to.  

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"Divorce Is Final! Picked up the paperwork today. Now it's
straight to happy hour!

If you ever need a reference for service please feel free to use
me. I was very pleased with your attention to detail and your

M. Solomon
Brooklyn, NY

"Our office has had positive results working with Anderson
Paralegal.  We would not hesitate in retaining Mr. Anderson's
services in the future."

Victor A. Nezu, Esq.
Sole Practitioner
New York, NY

"Thanks alot for your help Marcus with my divorce. I really
appreciate the time you put into it. Thanks again."

S. Obadina
Queens, NY

"Marcus, thank you for everything. You did a *wonderful*
*wonderful* job with my divorce, and if you ever need a reference
in the future, I am a huge fan of yours. You can quote me on that
when you start to advertise on TV!  :-)"


"Hey Marcus,

She just confirmed receipt of the divorce settlement and Notice of

I'm done! I now owe you a beer...   :-)   

Thank you so much for everything.  You really did a spectacular
job, and I appreciate all your effort.  I *sincerely* wish you stellar
success with your business!"

P. Salzman
Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you so much for helping my Aunt with her Landlod/Tenant
issue. From the completion (and filing) of the paperwork to
accompanying her to court and providing that moral support.
That matter is behind her now, and she is very pleased with the
outcome. Thanks again!"

M. Matthews
Bloomfield, NJ

"The complaint letter you drafted for me worked wonderfully. Not
only was their error FINALLY recognize, but upon submitting the
attachments with the letter, the amount owed was reduced
dramatically. Thank you so much for all your help."

H. Cummings
Bronx, NY

"Thank you Marcus, You were a true pleasure to work with."

S. Hibler
Foothill Ranch, CA

"Thank you, your the best!!!  I am so happy to have found you."

P. Abel
Cape Coral, FL

"Good morning Marcus,

I received from the county of NY the postcard indicating how I can
get a certified copy of the signed judgment, it looks like it's finished.
Thanks so much for making this an easy "experience" I liked very
much working with you for my divorce."

D. Gisiger
New York, NY

"I am very much appreciative of the help Anderson Paralegal
Services provided by drafting my cases and making my point very
you are a life savior! Thank you so much."

S. Telsi
Taunton, MA

"Hi Marcus,

I'm just writing to let you know that I`m officially divorced now
(about 2 weeks ago). Thank You for your assistance!"

E. Sanchez
Queens, NY

"Marcus, thank you for making the daunting New York State legal
paperwork so easy and painless to get through. I got the divorce
judgement I wanted! I highly recommend Anderson Paralegal
Services. Thanks again."

M. Krug
Queens, NY

"Hi Marcus,

Just wanted to say thank you for your help, after I resubmitted the
papers my divorce was finalized in 12 days, you did
an excellent
with such short notice. I wish I have went to you first instead of
the person I went to they really made it a long process, but with
your help it was over very quickly. Thanks a lot your service was
very outstanding.

PS  Please accept
the wedding invitation :-)"

M. Blake
Bronx, NY

Update: On 9/26/09, I did attend the wedding ceremony, and it
was BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you so much for the invite and all the best
to the Happy Couple!


I received the postcard indicating that my divorce is final! Thank
you for your constant professionalism. Your communication was
impeccable and the service was right on! I will definitely refer you
to everyone I know up in New York! Keep up the good work and
thanks again!!!"


"Hi Marcus,

I received the certified copy of the Judgment of Divorce you
retrieved for me from the court and I truly appreciate for you
sending it to me by e-mail and regular mail. Thank You So
Much!!!!!! I will recommend you to everyone I know! Actually, I
already have!

PS  Enjoy your bonus (as I promised), just a small token of my
appreciation for all that you have done!"

F. Lopez
Sugar Land, TX

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