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        Solo Practitioners and Small Firms

Anderson Paralegal Services (“APS”) provides on-demand paralegal services to solo practitioners and
small firms. If you need legal research, help on a specific project or individual matter, short or long term
assistance, and your looking for an
experienced, reliable, and affordable paralegal to be a member of
your legal team or to provide
one-on-one personal service, then APS CAN HELP!

APS litigation experience consist of, but not limited to the following:

  • Drafting of Pleadings (Summons, Civil Complaints and Answers);
  • Discovery Demands (i.e. Interrogatories, Bill of Particulars,
             Document Requests, Depositions, and etc.);
  • Motions (i.e. Notice of Motion, Order to Show Cause, and etc.); and
  • Summary Judgment;  
  • Familiarize with New York Civil Practice Law and Rules (CPLR); and
  • Utilizing databases such as Lexis Nexis.

For additional paralegal experience,
please click here.

Why "outsource" a paralegal service (such as APS)?

It can be very time-consuming, not to mention expensive to establish or run your own practice or firm, you
will have expenses that you simply cannot cut. Why hire a legal assistant to draft documents, file papers,
organize folders, create a "file management" system, interview clients, etc., when you can simply
outsource a paralegal service such as APS, at a cost that is completely beneficial to you. The same work
is getting done,
but at a cheaper cost!

Here are some of those Perks, that you don't have to worry about when outsourcing APS:

  • No overhead expenses of hiring additional staff:
  • No annual salary to pay for;
  • No sick days, personal days, or vacation days to pay for; and
  • No medical or dental coverage to provide;
  • No 401K plan.

Here are some of those Perks, you will receive when outsourcing APS:

  • A paralegal service that is experienced and reliable;
  • Cost-efficient;
  • Save you and/or your business money;
  • You only pay for the time APS has been working on the project; and
  • Absolutely no monies to spend towards any of the above.

Increase productivity by delegating general and procedural legal work to an experience paralegal. You can
focus on maximizing your resources by utilizing the services of APS, while at the same time, not having to
contend with the salary, benefits, and any other applicable expenses that is required when hiring a
paralegal for a permanent position.

It's good to know that at any given moment when you need the services of a legal assistant, there is one
provider that you can rely on name APS. In contrast to traditional temporary and contract help, APS primary
goal is to ensure that APS have provided quality legal assistance, which at the end, will result in long term
relationships with satisfied clients.

The next time your considering in hiring a paralegal to provide legal assistance to you, your firm, or your
legal team, whether it will be for a short or long term project, and you would like
to save money, why not
choose the services of APS!  

Click here for information regarding paralegal services for
In-House Corporate Legal Departments.

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