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Anderson Paralegal Services (“APS”) provides Affordable, Simple and Fast New York Uncontested
starting at the low rate of $299. Your divorce can be process online, which means we do not
have to meet up. No office visit is required. Your online divorce can be process via E-mail and USPS.

TO START AN UNCONTESTED DIVORCE, click here. For additional information for an Uncontested
, please click here.

APS provides outstanding
on-demand paralegal services to Solo Practitioners/Small Firms, In-House
Corporate Legal Departments,
and to the General Public/Consumers, commonly known as Pro Se

If you need legal research, help on a specific project or individual matter, short or long term assistance,
and your looking for an
experienced, reliable, and affordable paralegal to be a member of your legal
team or to provide
one-on-one personal service, then APS CAN HELP!

APS provides numerous services, including but not limited to, document retrieval (e.g. travel to the court
on behalf of the Plaintiff or Defendant, obtain the case folder, and photocopy the contents), legal
research, drafting of documents (i.e. Complaints, Answers, Affidavit in Support, Affidavit in Opposition
papers, etc.), document preparation and/or production, bates stamping, records management keeping,
filing, etc., to legal professionals and individuals who requires the assistance of an inexpensive
paralegal service.

APS has the legal education and experience to achieve the results that you anticipates. APS has taken
the experience out of the Courts and Corporate Law Departments, to provide quality legal service to
attorneys (of independent practice, small firms, or corporate legal departments)
and to the general
public, in an effort to
save you time and money!

APS services cover primarily the New York region, however, if you reside in another state and APS can
assist you in your matter, feel free to
contact Anderson Paralegal Services.

For additional information regarding the services APS provides,
click on the link below that applies to
your inquiry.
Thank You!  

             For a New York Uncontested Divorce, here are a few good
             reasons why you should choose the services of APS!    

      •   No Court Appearances
      •   No Office Visit Required
      •   APS Can Travel To You
(within "reasonable distance")
      •   APS Will Submit/File All Documents To The Court
      •   IF Needed, APS Can Serve Your spouse The Document(s),
No Additional Cost To You (within the NYC area) click here for specific info.
      •   You Can Check On The Status Of Your Divorce
      •   Payment Plan Available

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NOTE:   To Check On The Status Of Your Divorce (to determine if the
           Judgment of Divorce document has been signed by the Judge),
           is a Convenient Feature Available and Accessible to Clients of APS
           24 Hours a Day and 7 Days A Week!
Anderson Paralegal Services, Inc.
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  Help Themselves"
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