Let's face it, practically every legal document (and non-legal document) has to be signed before a notary. Nowadays, most people do not have the time to search for a notary on their lunch break or after work. And as a result, their document(s) get delayed from getting notarized.

Then you have the mobile notary, which is someone who is a notary and will travel all the way to you to sign your document(s). The problem with this is that you will have to pay for their travel expenses to you, plus their notary fee and hope the notary is on time at the designated meeting location.

Now, imagine having the notary come directly to YOU on your Smartphone (Tablet, Laptop or Computer) and you can be ANYWHERE in the world! Not only does this option eliminate travel expenses, but it guarantees you will not miss your notary signing appointment.

You can be on the Bus, Train, Uber, Airport, Cruise, Starbucks, in the park walking your dog, at the amusement park with the kids, at your job cafeteria having breakfast or lunch, visiting another State or Country (I can keep going, but you get the idea).

APS realized that being able to provide remote online notary services will benefit SO MANY people in extraordinary ways. Imagine you and your spouse want an Expedited Divorce, but you're in NY, and your spouse is vacationing in Hawaii (or overseas).

No worries, APS can provide the remote online notary service to you both (on the same day - same time), with NO papers to print out, and you can sign the document(s) directly on your Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Computer.

This is just another Classic Example of how APS constantly evolves and elevates the divorce service you will receive.