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                         General Public/Pro Se Litigants

Anderson Paralegal Services ("APS") provides numerous legal services, including but not limited to,
legal research and document preparation for individuals (
commonly known as Pro Se Litigants) who
require the assistance of an inexpensive legal professional/service. APS has taken the experience out of
the Courts and Corporate Law Departments, to provide quality legal service to the general public in an
effort to save you time and money.

APS goal is to "empower" individuals with information and/or assistance to properly and effectively
represent themselves in a legal affair. Taking a do-it-yourself approach with the assistance of APS can
save you time and money.

Many common legal issues that you are likely to face may not require the advice of an attorney, but rather
simply, involve obtaining reliable information/assistance, in order to ensure that the proper forms and
documents have been prepared correctly, and if needed,
filed in court within a timely fashion. If you need
Information" and/or "Assistance", then APS CAN HELP!

APS have the legal education and experience to achieve the results that you anticipates. APS has many
years of experience within various legal fields (i.e. personal injury, family court, immigration, etc.). APS
provides numerous document preparation and filing services for the following:  

To Initiate A Legal Proceeding

To commence a litigation proceeding in the State Of New York, you (in Court you're
known as "the
Plaintiff") will need the following documents drafted/prepared:

  • The Plaintiff will need the preparation of a Summons and Complaint (also known   
          as Pleadings).
  • The Defendant will need to reply with an Answer (and Counterclaim, if needed).
  • If the Defendant believes the Complaint "fails to state a basis for a legal claim; or  
          that the Summons or Summons with Notice were not properly served; or that the
   legal lawsuit was not commenced on time; or for some other appropriate reason",
   the Defendant can make a Motion to Dismiss (and does not have to file an
   Answer at that time).

        Note:  "A timely motion to dismiss pursuant to CPLR 3211(a) extends a
                    defendant's time to serve the answer. If the motion is denied, the case
                    will continue, and the defendant must prepare an answer and have it
within 10 days from the date that the order denying the motion is
                    served by the plaintiff upon the defendant, with notice of entry. CPLR

  • Generally (depending on what level of court your case is filed in), the Plaintiff and
          Defendant will need to have the above-referenced documents served to one  
    another (i.e. Plaintiff's Summons and Complaint has to be served to the Defendant),
  • Normally, the document(s) has to be served by a Process Server or by anyone
          else over the age of 18 years old and not a party to the case. You cannot serve
          your own papers - CPLR 2103(a).

        Note:  The information referenced-above applies to New York State only,
                    however, if you reside in another state and you need a Complaint or
                    Answer to be drafted, APS can still assist you in your matter.

                                   Discovery Phase Of Your Case

After you have commenced a lawsuit, and all the steps referenced-above has been
completed, you may now be ready for the Discovery Phase of your case. This area of
your case will involve 1 or more of the following (and may require the scheduling of a
Preliminary Conference with a Judge):

  • Discovery Demands - i) Depositions;
                                               ii) Interrogatories;
                                               iii) Bill of Particulars;
                                               iv) Document Requests and Etc.

  • Motions - i) Notice of Motion;  
                          ii) Order to Show Cause;
                          iii) Affidavit in Support;
                          iv) Affidavit in Opposition and Etc.

Conclusion Of Your Case

After you have completed the discovery phase of your case, the following items below,
may apply:

  • Conduct both Legal (Lexis Nexis) and Internet Research
  • Summary Judgment and etc. (if applicable)
  • Settlement Agreement (if applicable)
  • Trial Preparation (if applicable)
  • Appellate Briefs (and Record) -  If your case gets dismissed and you want to
                                                             appeal the order or judgment, you may be able to
    do so under certain circumstances.

Other Services APS Provides

Below, are additional services that APS also provides. Note: If you're looking to have a
New York Uncontested Divorce
commence, APS can travel to you, and will "complete and
file" the documents in court on your behalf,
at no additional cost, within the NYC area.
For specific details....
click here!

        i)  Complaint against collection agency or firm
       ii)  Complaint against an individual or business
      iii)  Purchased damaged products or goods but cannot get satisfaction from the seller
      iv)  Frustrated by a government agency

Note:   If you reside any where in the USA, and you would like to commence any of the following:
         *  You need a Complaint or Answer to be drafted
     *  Initiate a litigation matter in New York/New Jersey
      *  Reply to a litigation matter in New York/New Jersey
      *  Have legal papers to file in a New York/New Jersey APS!

If you require assistance for anything else, other than any of the items referenced above, please
APS to determine if APS can be of any assistance to your specific need.

Thank You,
Anderson Paralegal Services, Inc.

"Here at APS their are......***No Lawyers***No High Fees***
No Disappointments***......just an
affordable and reliable service
helping individuals to help themselves!"
Anderson Paralegal Services, Inc.
"Helping Individuals to  
   Help Themselves"

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