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 In-House Corporate Legal Departments

Anderson Paralegal Services (“APS”) provides outstanding on-demand paralegal services to in-house
"corporate and non-corporate" legal departments. APS have many years of corporate paralegal
experience consisting of, working in the
Corporate Law Department, ISDA Department, Anti-Money
Laundering Compliance Department
, and the Regulatory Department of major corporations (including
Fortune 500 Companies), throughout the New York City and Northern New Jersey region. For further
details, regarding APS paralegal experience(s),
please see below.

If you need help on a specific project, short or long term assistance, and your looking for an
reliable, and affordable paralegal to be a member of your legal team, then APS CAN HELP!

                                                  Corporate Law Department

  • Worked in conjunction with attorneys (in house and outside counsel), senior paralegals,
            and legal analysts to provide documentation in response to inquiries/investigation from
   the SEC, the Department of Justice, Attorney's General Office and various regulatory
  • Bates stamping and created an inventory of documents, including maintaining a file/log
           of all outgoing documents (hard copy and cd copy);
  • Prepared quarterly reports and schedules 53’s to be reviewed and tested by [Company
            Confidential] Corporate Comptroller Department, and reviewed, prepared and forward
   all civil litigation matters to the appropriate claims dept.; and
  • Worked closely and reported directly to the Deputy General Counsel and Associate
            General Counsel.

ISDA Department  
                                 (International Swaps and Derivatives Association)

  • Reviewed ISDA’s Master Agreements involving credit derivatives and fixing for legal
            reference inconsistencies;
  • Amended out-of-date legal references found in ISDA’s by supplying updated legal
            references for each document;
  • Drafted Amendments to reflect the changes and agreements in the funds for both
            [Company Confidential] and their Counterparty ;
  • Worked closely and reported directly to the designated negotiator for approval of final
            Amendment Agreement; and
  • Extensive contact with Counterparties personnel worldwide on a daily basis.

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Department

  • Investigated potential client financial history, flagging negative financial history and
            suspicious activity;
  • Initiated Suspicious Activity Reports: after determining past financial transactional history
            was suspicious, reported findings to Assistant Director of Compliance, who contacted
            third party investigative team;
  • Conducted legal research regarding individuals, entities and foreign governments using
            the Internet and various public records/business intelligence databases; and
  • Analyzed research findings and prepared due diligence reports that allowed the business
            units and legal counsel to assess the risk associated with entering into or continuing to
            do business with account holders.

Regulatory Department

  • Worked in conjunction with attorneys, senior paralegals, and legal analysts to provide
    documentation in response to client complaints; profit and loss analysis; inquiries from
            various regulatory bodies; legal subpoenas; and broker violations including unauthorized
            trading, misrepresentation, suitability, etc.;
  • Coordinated Special Projects relating to document productions requested by NYSE,
           NASD, SEC and outside counsel;
  • Performed legal research as well as client monitoring in accordance with Know Your Client,
           US Patriot Act and Anti-Money Laundering Regulations;
  • Researched legal issues and prepared documentations;
  • Maintained and updated shareholder information databases;
  • Interfaced with branch offices worldwide on a daily basis;
  • Extensive contact with branch managers and attorneys; and
  • Trained new legal assistants in various methods of research techniques, document
            production and branch relations.

For additional paralegal experience please click here:

Here are some "great perks" when choosing APS:

If you need legal assistance for a short or long term project, and you only require temporary or seasonal
help, then APS is for you. The idea here is to cut costs, save your department lots of money.

Why hire a legal assistant to draft documents, file papers, organize folders, create a "file management"
system, interview clients, etc., when you can simply
outsource a paralegal service such as APS at a cost
that is completely beneficial to you. The same work is getting done,
but at a cheaper cost!

Here are some of those Perks, that you don't have to worry about when outsourcing APS:

  • No overhead expenses of hiring additional staff:
  • No annual salary to pay for;
  • No sick days, personal days, or vacation days to pay for; and
  • No medical or dental coverage to provide;
  • No 401K plan.

Here are some of those Perks, you will receive when outsourcing APS:

  • A paralegal service that is experienced and reliable;
  • Cost-efficient;
  • Save you and/or your business money;
  • You only pay for the time APS has been working on the project; and
  • Absolutely no monies to spend towards any of the above.

Increase productivity by delegating general and procedural legal work to an experience paralegal. You can
focus on maximizing your resources by utilizing the services of APS, while at the same time, not having to
contend with the salary, benefits, and any other applicable expenses that is required when hiring a
paralegal for a permanent position.

It's good to know that at any given moment when you need the services of a legal assistant, there is one
provider that you can rely on name APS. In contrast to traditional temporary and contract help, APS primary
goal is to ensure that APS have provided quality legal assistance, which at the end,
will result in long term
relationships with satisfied clients

The next time your considering in hiring a paralegal to provide legal assistance to your in-house legal
department, whether it will be for a short or long term project, and you would like
to save money, why not
choose the services of

Click here for information regarding paralegal services for Solo Practitioners and Small Firms.

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