Now you can pull up to a supermarket or restaurant and have your items brought to your car. Even ordering pizza, you can have it delivered to your car, as a result of the changes Covid have created. This includes how the NYS Court processes NY Uncontested Divorces.

Prior to Covid, you would have to travel to the Court to process your divorce. NOW, because of Covid, your divorce can be filed electronically to the court. This means you can start your divorce from the comfort of your home, imagine that, or anywhere in the world you may be. The days of traveling to the Court are far behind us. As technology advances, you have to do the same or you will be left behind.

No worries about navigating the Court's complicated system, because APS will "Prepare and File" ALL the divorce documents for you. You simply have to answer some questions and let APS take it from there.

And check this out....because you will have to sign the documents before a notary as required by the Court to do, APS can do that for you....Say What???

YES....this is a one-stop shop. Have your divorce papers, 1) Prepared, 2) Notarized and 3) Filed, all by APS!