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Anderson Paralegal Services ("APS") is a professional paralegal company, with the Founder Mr.
Anderson, having over 13 years of experience. APS provides
New York Uncontested Divorces, starting at the low rate of $299.  

APS will "Prepare & File" the divorce documents with your local County Clerk's office, at no additional cost
(within the NYC area), click here
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APS also provides outstanding
on-demand paralegal services to "Solo Practitioners/Small Firms",
"In-House Corporate Legal Departments", and to the "General Public/Consumers", commonly known
Pro Se Litigants. The services of APS are cost-efficient, affordable, and reliable!

APS has taken the experience out of the Courts and Corporate Law Departments, to provide quality legal
service to attorneys (of independent practice, small firms, or corporate legal departments) and to the
general public, in an effort to
save you time and money!

What makes APS a professional and qualitative paralegal company is that, APS possess three (3)
important elements to ensure that you receive the utmost quality of service and personal attention. These
three important components are
Education, Experience, and Compassion.


L. Marcus Anderson (Founder and CEO) is a graduate from John Jay College of Criminal Justice with a
BA in Criminology. Mr. Anderson is Certified by the State of New York as a Crime Victims Counselor. Mr.
Anderson is preparing for law school (in the near future) to obtain his J.D.


Mr. Anderson's experience is derived from working at the Courts and at "various" Corporate Law
Departments within the New York City and New Jersey region.

Mr. Anderson has taken his experience
out of the Courts and Corporate Law Departments, to provide
quality legal service to solo practitioners, small firms, in-house corporate (and non-corporate) legal
departments, and to the general public in an effort to save you time and money.

Prior to establishing Anderson Paralegal Services, Mr. Anderson was employed by a
Fortune 500
company on Wall Street
(within the company's law department), as their sole corporate litigation
paralegal. Anderson's primary role was to participate in a
HUGE investigation against the company by the
SEC, Department of Justice, New York Attorney's General Office, and other various regulatory bodies.

While involved in this special project, Mr. Anderson assumed
a very important and key position, working at
all times with in-house and outside attorneys, senior paralegals, legal analysts, state and federal
regulators, and reported directly to the Deputy General Counsel and Associate General Counsel (of the
company's law department).

Upon the successful conclusion and closure of the investigation, Mr. Anderson realized his paralegal
experience and services were personally more
gratifying and beneficial when offered "independently" to
attorneys and to the general public. Mr. Anderson ultimately resigned from the company and established


Mr. Anderson is no stranger when it comes to hard work, dedication, and being compassionate with the
project or legal matter that he has been presented with. This ability stems from the endless amount of
hours Mr. Anderson contributed by entertaining young people and adults who are chronically and/or
terminally ill.

It was through a very popular, wonderful and caring non-profit organization (base in New York City) named

Never Give Up
, which afforded Mr. Anderson the opportunity to bring music, joy, smiles, and laughter
into the lives of young people and adults who are hospitalized (as a result of their disability or illness) .

Mr. Anderson’s years of volunteer work and heartfelt services extends through "several" reputable and
prominent non-profit organizations such as
Hearts & Voices, LIFEBeat (The Music Industry Fights
Children’s Hope Foundation, and the Starlight Foundation just to name a few.

Mr. Anderson’s countless amount of hours of dedication and compassion from the volunteer work he
provided did not go unnoticed. In fact, Mr. Anderson was honored at City Hall by the former Mayor of New
York City (and 2008 Presidential Candidate)
Mr. Rudolph Giuliani.

Approximately 4,000 agencies and schools throughout New York City submitted nominations for the
annual "outstanding volunteers" award (totaling 15,000 - 20,000 nominations received). Only 20 - 25
volunteers were chosen, and Mr. Anderson was one of the recipients to receive the prestigious award.
Mr. Anderson was presented (by the Mayor) with a
Certificate of Recognition for outstanding
volunteer work that has helped others
, along with a luncheon and picture taking with Mr. Giuliani.

"That is what APS is all about, being compassionate, caring, giving, and at the
 end of the day, simply helping others!"
Anderson Paralegal Services, Inc.
"Helping Individuals to  
    Help Themselves"

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