Important Note (1):  Anderson Paralegal Services ("APS") cannot give legal advice
or provide legal representation in court. APS is not a law firm or a substitute for an
attorney. Services provided are not intended to create an attorney-client relationship.
The primary purpose (among others) of the services provided by APS are to assist you
in preparing your documents for filing as
Pro Se (representing yourself) and the filing of
those documents in Court.

If an attorney is needed in your legal matter, APS recommend you contact your local
bar association. APS pride itself with providing quality legal assistance, but APS cannot
and does not guarantee the outcome of any legal matter worked on.

               Copyright Infringement

Important Note (2):  All the content contained on this website is protected and
d under the US Copyright Laws. Anderson Paralegal Services ("APS")
owns all the content on this website.

Under the fullest extent of all the applicable law(s) governing copyright infringement, APS
will "immediately" pursue
every legal recourse and remedy against any person(s) or
business entity(s) who attempts to reproduce,copy, display, publish, transmit, transfer,in
part or in whole the content from this website (not limited to words, phrases, designs, and
titles) without the expressed consent and authorization from APS.

To commit any of the above
is a copyright violation(s) and is strictly prohibited. By
committing any of the above, "causing confusion" to consumers that are interested in
the services of APS and/or "discredits APS", as a result of the "substantial similarities",
will warrant APS to commence legal recourse and to pursue every remedy available.


Important Note (3): Anderson Paralegal Services ('APS") uses software that detects
duplicate content" immediately on someone else's website. This means if someone
decides to copy some of APS information (from any of our web pages) onto there website,
APS will automatically be notified.

Once that notification is received,
APS will immediately go into action (this is the fun
part). Because APS have a strong legal background and extremely knowledgeable with
LOCAL, STATE and FEDERAL laws, APS know exactly how to shut their website down.

The fun part is knowing that when that person goes to there website, with there coffee in
their hand ready for business and only to discover their website
has been shutdown for
PLAGIARISM and will continue to be shut down until APS information has been
completely removed.

MORE FUN, APS do not have to contact the website owner and ask to "please remove
our material", no no no that's not needed.
That's right, that's how good APS is!

Since being in business for over 15 plus years, we've had a few dishonest people or
services steal our information and pretend it was theirs and that is where the FUN began.

So do yourself a favor, if your reading this and was planning to use ANY information (as
explain above in the COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT section) from AndersonParalegal.com,
don't waist your time or
you too will be SHUT DOWN.

Thank You,
Anderson Paralegal Services, Inc.

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