Check The Status Of Your Divorce


On this page you can check on the status of your divorce. Here are the
following steps:

Step 1:  "Click Here", this is the link to the New York State Unified Court
    System (NYSUCS) website which provides online access to information
   about your divorce.

    Upon entering the NYSUCS website, scroll down to the bottom of the
     page, and you will have to enter the required letters and/or numbers
           into the box, and click the "Submit" button.

Step 2:   You may search for your case by Index Number or the name of the
     Plaintiff or Defendant.

     For example, to search for your case by "Index #", you would click on
    the "Index Search" icon, and enter the information requested (follow
    the example provided on that page).

Step 3:   Once you locate your case, look for the "column" (not the row) that
    has the words "Case Status" and "Appearance Date".

Case Status - inside the box may have the words "Active" or "Disposed"

Active means that the Judgment of Divorce has not been signed.

Disposed means that the Judgment of Divorce has been signed.

Note: In some rare instances the court may also use the word "dispose" to indicate
that your case has been dismiss as a result of something that the court determined to be
appropriate to do (
i.e. your papers were determined to be "defective" and the defect was
not "fix" within the specified amount of time). If something like this was to occur, APS will
assist you to have your case "restored back" on to the matrimonial calendar.

ii)  Appearance Date - means that is the "date" that the Judge or Referee is
scheduled to review your case.

If a judge has been assigned to your case, then you will be able to "
click on      
that link
which is a date". If there is no link to click on, then your case
has yet to be assigned to a judge.

If there is a link/date to click on, then you will be taken to
another page within
the court's website.

On that page, look for the column with the words, "
Appearance Outcome"
and inside that box will have the words "
Uncont. Mat. Judgment Signed" (or
or "Uncontested Judgment Signed" (or Granted) - meaning the
Judgment of Divorce has been signed by the Judge!
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