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                      Check The Status Of Your Divorce


On this page you can check on the status of your divorce. Here are the following

Step 1:  "Click Here", this is the link to the New York State Unified Court
   System (NYSUCS) website which provides online access to information
   about cases in Civil Supreme Court in all 62 counties of New York State.

     Upon entering the NYSUCS website, scroll down to the bottom of the
     page, and you will have to enter the required letters and/or numbers
                 into the box, and click the "Submit" button.

Step 2:   You may search for your case by Index Number or the name of the
   Plaintiff or Defendant.

  For example, to search for your case by "Index #", you would click on
   the "Index Search" icon, and enter the information requested (follow
    the example provided on that page).

Step 3:    Once you locate your case, look for the column (not the row) that has
     the words "Case Status" and "Appearance Date".

 Case Status - inside the box may have the words "Active" or "Disposed"

  •  Active means that the judgment of divorce has not been signed.

  •  Disposed means that the judgment of divorce has been signed.

(NOTE: In some rare instances the court may also use the word "dispose" to indicate that
your case has been dismiss as a result of something that the court determined to be
appropriate to do (
i.e. your papers were determined to be "defective" and the defect was
not "fix" within the specified amount of time). If something like this was to occur, APS will
assist you to have your case "restored back" on to the matrimonial calendar.

ii)  Appearance Date - means that is the date that the Judge or Referee is
 scheduled to review your case.

If a judge has been assigned to your case, then you will be able to "
click on that
link which
is a date", if there is no link to click on, then your case has yet to be
assigned to a judge.

If there is a link/date to click on, then you will be taken
to another page within
the court's website.

On that page, look for the column with the words, "
Appearance Outcome"
and inside that box will have the words "
Uncont. Mat. Judgment Signed"  or
Uncontested Judgment Signed" - meaning the Judgment of Divorce has
been signed by the Judge!

    **When The Judgment Of Divorce Has Been Signed**

When the Judgment of Divorce has been signed, you have to go to the court,   
specifically, the county clerk’s department, pay approx. $6-8 dollars, and get a
Certified Copy" of your divorce judgment......then you are officially divorce  :-)

 If the NYSUCS website saids that, the judgment of divorce has been
  granted, but you have not received the "POSTCARD" from the court
            (indicating the status of your divorce), you may want to consider in giving
 the matrimonial clerk's department a phone call prior to traveling to the
  court to determine that the signed judgment of divorce is ready for your

    Normally, after the divorce judgment has been signed, it can take up to two
  (2) weeks (or longer) before you can be able to purchase a certified copy.

Important Note:  Your divorce is not considered final "until such time as the
signed judgment is entered in the County Clerk's Office."
This is done by
you going to the county's clerk office, pay the fee (
as indicated above), and then
the clerk will certify it for you.  

You have to mail a copy of the certified signed judgment to your ex-spouse (you
may want to purchase 2 copies),
along with the document, called "Notice of

In the Notice of Entry document
fill in the date that you purchased a Certified Copy
of  the Judgment of Divorce document, and mail a copy of the Notice of Entry
along with a certified copy of the Judgment of Divorce to your ex-spouse.

You may want to mail the above-referenced documents by "Certified Mail with
Return Receipt" (to retain for your records as proof of the mailing).

Make sure you have a picture ID when retrieving a
certified copy of the Judgment
of Divorce decree from the county clerk's department.

Note:   In addition, to utilizing the court's website for obtaining status
  information of your divorce, you may want to consider in giving
   the court's matrimonial department a call as well, if you feel the
   required waiting period has expired, and you have yet to received
   the postcard indicating the status of your divorce.

    Upon contacting the matrimonial department, be prepared to
    provide YOUR NAME and INDEX # to the clerk.
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